trainee's Action Day 2017


Social cohension and team spirit are important qualities in working life. To promote this, an action day for our trainees took place on 20th of September for the first time. In teams, a task should be tackled together.


The goal: to build a raft out of barrels, wooden beams and boards, which is held together only with straps and ropes..


After short briefings by the external guide, the apprentices began to gather ideas and suggested solutions in their groups. There was also the offer to see a guide. All groups decided against it. Rather, they wanted to be creative, so only a little help from the professional was needed towards the end of the assembly. Before the rafts could be launched, they were tested one last time for their water suitability and after they had received their "OK", the individual works were presented to each other and explained the group-specific process. The groups should judge about their own team structures. Fortunately, it could be noticed that in no group was anyone outside or ignored, but each one could do its part to build the raft.


Equipped with a paddle and life jacket, the rafts then went on a round trip around the lake. To everyone's delight, nobody had to take an unintentional bath in the autumn-warm water.

 At the end of the day they went to Corvey, to finalize the event with sausages, steaks and delicious side dishes. The unanimous opinion of the participants was: The first trainee's action day has whet your appetite for more. That was training at it's best.


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